THE SEWER RATS - The Jukebox Romantics Split Ep 7" colored Vinyl magenta

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MAD DRUNKEN MONKEY RECORDS proudly presents the new Split EP from THE SEWER RATS and THE JUKEBOX ROMANTICS. Four brand new Pop-Punk-Nuggets! A must have for fans of The Queers, Screeching Weasel, Masked Intruder or NOFX. Limitiertes, farbiges Vinyl! 150 Stück in magenta transparent. Nur über Mad Drunken Monkey Records oder über die Bands erhältlich!

  1. THE SEWER RATS: I´m Quitting My Job
  2. THE SEWER RATS: My Baby Is At GROEZROCK (And I´m Not)
  3. JUKEBOX ROMANTICS: Jessica Walker, Texas Ranger
  4. JUKEBOX ROMANTICS: You Boys Like Mexico?


ACHTUNG! PRE-ORDER! Release Date: 21.09.18l! Dieser Artikel wird erst zum Release-Date verschickt!!!

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